DIY Pearl Pins

January 30, 2014

I´m so happy to be able to show you something that´s been on my mind for a while. The other day I went to a craft store and I wanted to buy some pearl pins. In the end I didn´t buy them because of the sole thought that someone could pinch their finger with an embelishment... Uh oh, no sir.

So I remembered something, I made jewelry in my past life (meaning 7 years ago or so). I have a big box of pearls, crystals and stones... And I had the idea of making them myself, using earring pins. Take a look:

So, first of all, arrange the stones you'll be using in the pin, because you have to glue them fast. You will only need a tiny drop of glue for each stone. Apply the glue and run the pearl immediately to its place. Repeat it for the crystal. If when applying the glue there is any excess, clean right away, don't wait until it's dry (it worked better for me that way). And that's about it... It's sooo easy I couldn't resist to make a BUNCH of them!

These are meant to be used in between a bow on a card. My next post will include one of these for sure. The best thing about them is that no one is going to pinch themselves, since these pins don't have a sharp point.

Hope you enjoyed this DIY tutorial, and most of all, that you found it useful!

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2 comentarios

  1. Hi, Gracie! Love your pearl pins! And thanks for th info about TH pin point..about using earring pins so no one gets pinched. I do not like it when that happens. I have made these type of pins before, but instead of using a hot glue gun, I use E-6000 industrial adhesive. It holds just as good as hot glue BUT it has a slower drying time. Anyway, just wanted to let you know I love your pins. :)

    Kathy (KAT)

  2. Thanks Kat! I will try that adhesive if I have a chance. I'm glad you enjoyed this project!


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