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My name is Graciela Chávez, but my crafty friends call me Gracie. The name Graciellie (Gracie Ellie) is actually a nickname given to me by my family in Brazil. I was born in Brazil, nevertheless I have lived most of my life in Central America. I speak three languages fluidly: Spanish, Portuguese and of course English, but I decided to write and share my content in English.

Both my parents were very creative, and they influenced me greatly. I dedicated the first part of my life to music, at the same time that I studied Laws and Business Management. These majors had nothing to do with art but I've always been a creative person and so, without planning it, I found myself starting this new creative venture.

I'm married, and I have the privilege of being the happy mom a bright and loving 6 year old boy and a sweet baby girl. Spending time with family is what truly makes me happy.

I love cardmaking but once in a while I like to make mixed media and art journaling projects. I started making cards since I was a child, and I used to collect stickers, diaries, notebooks and stationery papers. Around 2010 I discovered stamping and little by little cardmaking became my hobby. I've had crafty hobbies before, like jewelry making, but cardmaking stole my heart from day one.

I have always loved paper, so it was no surprise to my family that I started a papercrafting blog. Since I opened my blog I've felt even more captivated by this craft. This blog has allowed me to connect with other artists and has given me so many opportunities for which I'm thankful.

I order all my crafting supplies online, since there aren't any major craft stores where I live. I love every kind of style but I find myself working mostly on Clean & Layered and Shabby Chic designs. Dies, white cardstock, patterned papers, stamps, inks, glue, pearls and rhinestones are must-haves in my craft room, but of course, I can never have enough arts and craft supplies! Lately, technology has played a big role in my arts and crafts too. Also, I've surrounded myself with lots of art supplies -from paints to pastels and such-. More than ever my work is becoming very technique driven...

I look forward to continuing to share my projects, wishing to inspire and encourage your creativity along the way.

Thanks for visiting and supporting my work.


  1. Your blog is beautiful! And your "Bio" is written with heartfelt, very likeable! Hugs, Tina

  2. Thought you might like to know you were recommended by Google. I have a very good friend, Daniele, who was born and grew up in Brazil.

    Your blog shares lovely creations and I, like Tina above, enjoyed reading your bio.

    Look forward to enjoying more of your beautiful creations.


  3. Looks like we have something in common, I also don't find much supplies where I live, and I will tell you one thing the place I live the main language is Portuguese and Cantonese! I am happy to come across you on the blog land, wish there was a followers tab on your blog, for time being, I will subscribe to it. Have great day!

  4. HI Beautiful girl your blog is awesome love it I am a painter and as you found card making its an amazing craft to have xoxoxo


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